Curtain Frames & Accessories

Personalize Your Style

Frame in bronze antique , matte bronze , matte nickel : elegance and quality

Select between a range of rich the frameworks in materials how bronze antique , matte bronze , and matte nickel . These materials offer no only a view aesthetic , but also quality the extraordinary , durability and adaptation to the design of the house yours .


Accessories About Curtains : Supports , Caps and Circles

Accessories our they include supports , caps and circles , details that differ thoroughly environment your supports offer supporting the safe about hangings yours , while caps and circles are elements decorative about a point extra elegant in curtain design.


Select the Quality and Style

Select the qualiwith one focus the special in quality and design , frames and accessories our about curtains are part that benet change . Select the quality and style about the done house your the shine .Ty and style